DIY Emergency Lighting (12v)

Posted: September 1, 2013 in DIY

Hey again everyone, due to popular demand here is the article on my creation of my emergency lighting for my P.O.D (power on demand) box.

The total cost of the project was £2.99, materials needed:

scrap wooden blind pieces

2x plastic washing detergent balls

16x 12volt LED’s (eBay)


Spare car socket plug (taken from old appliance)

3 metres of wiring

1 on/off switch from a broken lamp

Assortment of white card

Double sided carpet tape

2x fridge magnets

> The opening of the detergent ball was measured, this circle was cut out of card three times and stuck together with the double sided tape to create a firm base

> A small wooden support for the LED’s was crafted from the wooden blinds and glued to the card dead centre.

> The LED’s from eBay came pre wired so this had to be cut down and stripped to expose the wiring all the way down, the nice thing about the LED’s is that they came with the correct resistors already wired onto the cathode and anodes of the LED bulbs.

> The LED’s themselves were then lightly sanded to defrost the plastic to diffuse the light better, these were then glued onto the wood so that all the +positive legs were on one side and the –negative legs were on the other. The reason for this was that I meant the lights were in parallel so each would get 12volts to it rather than the 12volt supply being divided amongst the 8 LED’s

> The legs on each side were grouped and a wire was solders to each side

the detergent ball was then placed over the whole construction and glued into place

> The fridge magnet was glued to the bottom to allow them to suspend the lights above my desk

> This process was repeated again to give me the tow lights I wanted.

> The other ends of both wired were hooked up to a switch which was connected to the car socket, this meant that the lights would only be used when needed and wouldn’t mean having to continually plug/ unplug the car socket.

Overall each LED is said to consume 20milliamps of power, at 16 LED’s total for the project that’s only 0.32amps of power consumption for a light I can easily use to do every task under from cooking to reading a book. The nice thing about using a car socket rather than hooking it up to the battery bank directly is that I can take it away and use it when travelling. I keep both lights and all the wiring within a small plastic container which is kept behind the batteries in the P.O.D box for easy organisation.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few thousand words.


Workshop desk, sorry about quality of the pictures was using mobiles camera.

Thanks for reading


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